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Express Cargo

C.T. FREIGHT can handle all your E-Commerce express requirements, as we offer a wide range of services and a multitude of options to cater for your individual requirements. Our recent development with integrated last mile carriers has produced positive solutions for e commerce and online retail clients.

Looking for unbeatable solutions for express and time sensitive consignments?  CT Freight has developed a range of options, in particular to keep in-step with the unique requirements of eCommerce and the online retail sector.

We have developed our own HVLV Program, which enables us to process high volumes of low value cargo effectively and economically. Together with our national customs and quarantine facilities and seamless applications, we have engineered a unique express freight solution.

With this combination of technology, infrastructure and dedicated personal we can service you with:

  • eCommerce Logistics Consultants
  • Fully accredited  licensed customs brokers
  • On-line customs and quarantine solutions
  • Australia wide  multiport options
  • Multi Carrier Last Mile Solutions
  • Global Direct Entry
  • Direct Postal Injections
  • Electronic Integration
  • Economical Return Options

CT Freight Pty Ltd have formed strategic partnerships with organizations that were built upon the history of strong innovation in transport logistics services.

These partnerships will accelerate the applications of an integrated service, which will revolutionize the way our clientele apply our logistic solutions.

We operate extended hours seven days a week and offer the most efficient express service in the business.

For any further enquiries please contact our eCommerce (Express Division) on our +612 8337 8813 or alternatively you can email us on

      eCommerce Returns

Looking for a returns solution to fit in line with your budget without upsetting your online customers

We offer a range of options and services to cater to the demands of the online retail sector

Our eCommerce consultants can develop a strategy that will work within the boundaries of your returns policy to ensure that you are working with the most optimum reverse logistics method available

For more information or for a quote please contact our Commercial Manager